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  • Oct 18, 2021
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How difficult is NCLEX Exam?

The NCLEX exam is taken by nurses all around the world, whose goal is to become United States -Registered Nurse due to which the exam is based on the average score the nurses get.

The compensation of the exam will consist of a minimum 75 questions and a maximum of 145 question. You will have 5 hours to complete the exam.

The NCLEX exam is a computerized adaptive test (CAT) based that means the computer will produce question and result precisely and efficiently based on fewer items targeting items to candidate’s ability.

The candidate will get next question based on, how they solved the previous one. Each question will have 50% chance of being correct and 50% of being incorrect which is determined based on the continuous survey NCSBN conduct on the questions. In conclusion the question is neither easy nor difficult it depends on how you solve the question.